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Will Writing just got a whole lot simpler. For far too long will writing has been considered a bit of a taboo subject, largely due to its relationship with that unspoken ‘D’ word… Death. It’s likely that all of us have experienced the impact of losing a loved one at some point or another. It's cold, complicated and extremely stressful, however does it have to be? VitaWill was founded with one mission in mind: to alleviate the emotional and time consuming burden of writing a will for you and your loved ones. By combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional levels of customer service, the simplified will writing process enables a user a faster and more affordable will writing solution for people all over the UK.

VitaWill Team

James Harrop - Founder and Director James provides a breadth of experience in financial services, particularly in the areas of personal protection and insurance. With a passion for personal improvement and the advancement of others around him, along with his sales and innovation skills, he is the driving force behind the brand's progress. James' knowledge sets him aside from others we have come across. Obsessively driven by the desire to make a significant difference in the client experience. James is continuously looking for ways to work within the local community and has a strong interest in giving back. Keep an eye on this.

Matt Ridyard - Founder and Director Matt contributes a variety of skills to the team's success. Matt has established a passion for tech and design, with a degree in finance and a wealth of expertise earned in Foreign Exchange in London. With his keen eye, he is always developing and adapting design throughout the full user journey. VitaWill was built on his deep understanding of technology, and he is constantly on the search for fresh and inventive solutions to complement the process with a focus on the client. Matt is unquestionably a crucial cog in the machine and a key component of the team. Matt is passionate about raising money and awareness for causes near to his heart, so you can expect to see him participate in a number of fundraising events throughout the year.

Daniel Fitzpatrick - Founder and Director Dan offers a plethora of experience, both in terms of relationships and commercial acumen, to the team. With numerous successful businesses under his belt, Dan offers to the group his knowledge of business and the traps to avoid, as well as advice and direction. Dan's contribution is crucial since it has allowed the team to create relationships with individuals and businesses to get the platform to where it is now, all of which add value to the final product. Dan's engagement has included not only moderating commercial meetings, but also accelerating expansion by becoming an investor in the process. Dan is just as enthusiastic about this product as the other directors, and the three of them have worked together to get it to where it is now!

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